Hosting Services

Lafayette Data offers an impressive array of hosting and colocation services. Our solutions scale from offering simple web and email hosting packages to dedicated, professionally managed colocation services.
  • Shared Hosting
    Perfect for getting a basic website (and e-mail) on the internet. These packages are economical and highly flexible.
  • Colocation
    Rent rackspace by the unit, or by 1/4, 1/2, or even a full-rack.

These hosting solutions provide you the flexibility to arrange a hosting strategy that makes sense for your business and your budget. Check out our hosting rates; they're great as well!

Off-Site Backup
For many companies, loss of data can be mean the shutdown of your business. A fire or other disaster could critically damage a business that doesn't have an off-site backup strategy.

Lafayette Data offers the ability to securely back up critical information to our servers to protect against information and data loss in the event of a disaster. The data is transferred and stored in an encrypted format. So, once your data reaches our facility, it's safe.

Normally, we can arrange for any machine -- from clients to servers -- to automatically transfer selected data to our systems at a regularly scheduled interval. For you, this means one less thing to remember, and you can rest assured that your data is always safe.

Specialized Solutions
Lafayette Data offers a number of solutions that are specially designed to help alleviate and resolve many common business issues. Many of these specialized solutions are very popular with our fiber customers -- due to the tremendous speed that they can connect to us at (10 Mbit standard) -- we are able to offer them a number of unique business solutions:

  • E-mail virus scanning
    Lafayette Data can set our virus scanners to scan all your incomming and outgoing mail, no expensive programs to purchase, no additional servers needed, just let Lafayette Data 'drop in' this service into your current network configuration and you'll be protected automatically from email based viruses.
  • Content Filtering
    Many schools (and an increasing number of businesses) are interested in utilizing our CIPA compliant internet content filters to ensure that students or employees are not accessing inappropriate content on the internet. Our filtering technology allows the school or business to connect to our filters -- which are regularly updated -- to determine if access should be allowed.
  • Web Usage Reports
    This is a great tool for managers and owners to keep track of their employees' web-surfing habits. These reports can provide relavent statistics detailing where employees spend most of their time while on the web.

Shared hosting packages
start as low as ...
$19.99 per month.

Co-Location packages
start as low as...
$150.00 per month.

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