Providing Solutions
. This is the core of our business. Whether it's fixing a broken printer, protecting your network from viruses, or designing a scalable network that lets you work while you're out of the office, Lafayette Data is here to help.

We pride ourselves on having professional, reliable, and certified technicians. We are not "weekend warriors" -- solving your technical problems is our full-time mission. We know that computer problems can happen at any time and we will be there to help get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

No Excuses. We know you've heard it all before. The software company blames your network. The network people blame the software. It's an ongoing cycle, and you're in the middle, trying to get your problems fixed.

We know you don't care whose fault it is, you simply want your computers to work! At Lafayette Data, we understand this and will work with your other vendors until your problems are solved.

Fast Response. Doesn't it seem like your computers always break when you need them the most? Unfortunately, computers don't just break at noon or on a Wednesday. Lafayette Data is here to help. The vast majority of our calls are resolved the same day! In fact, our response time is usually under 4 hours. Stop putting off solving those nagging computer problems. Call Lafayette Data today to get control of your network and the computers in it.

Lowest Rates. Lafayette Data's consulting rates are lower than the local and national average! The solution to your problems is much closer than you think. Considering the high level of our techs' skills, our years of experience, and our impressive client list -- come find out what a bargain Lafayette Data really is.

We are growing. Come find out why Lafayette Data is the fastest growing consulting firm in Acadiana. Simply put, we do what the others can't.
We solve problems.

Lafayette Data
is the premier consulting firm in Acadiana. There is no other consulting firm in the area that is more skilled in advanced Microsoft and Linux configurations than Lafayette Data.

Designing a robust and crash-free network is more economical than most companies imagine. To most companies, computers are a cost center. We understand this and we work diligently to provide solutions that can fit into many small and mid-sized companies' budgets.

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